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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I had Valentines day off this year since I had to work a few hours on the weekend, so Lucas and Mommy hung out and played all day on Valentines day! We had lots fun valentines day themed food, sweet potatoes, heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped salmon burgers, and strawberries! So much fun! Then, Tim was able to make it home late Friday night which was nice since we hadn't seen him in 2 weeks due to training! Tim arranged for our friends Tate and Jocelyn to babysit Lucas on Saturday night (and they brought over their two awesome yellow labs who Lucas just loves) and we were able to go to a movie and have a nice dinner (sushi!). We really haven't been to a movie since Lucas was born!  Lucas had a blast and they said he was the sweetest little boy when we were gone. 
Here are a few photos of my little valentine! 

 Lucas was spoiled this year and got presents in the mail from all his Grandparents! Here is checking out some of his gifts!

 He is getting really really good at unwrapping presents!
 We made some heart shaped cookies! Lucas was such a good helper, this is a super fun phase. He can be so willing to help out is Mom! He laid out all the cookies on the cookie sheet for me!

 Presents from Mommy and Daddy! A few movies, books and a cute singing elephant!
Showin the elephant some love!

Lucas's Valentines he brought to daycare! He had 14 friends to bring to! 

My sweet valentine!

Painting with all his new friends in the toddler room!

Brought me home a valentine from daycare!!

Heart shaped banana pancakes for V-day breakfast!

Lucas getting babysat by shelby! He actually fell asleep on her a few times when we  were gone!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What we do when we can't go outside!

This winter has been tough on doing anything other than trying to stay busy at home and in Hutchinson! Seems like every time we have something planned, a storm comes and the roads are too bad to go anywhere! We are getting a little bit of cabin fever!
I cut back my hours to 32/hours a week until April since Tim started his training for Alaska Airlines, which means more time to spend with Lucas at home and lots and lots of playing.

Lucas has officially transitioned to the toddler room from the infant room and he is doing just great and takes one nap from 12:30-2:30 at day care, but at home he just can't stay awake past 10AM! Always so tuckered out after playing all day at daycare! So he is still getting 2 naps at home…soon enough we get there! :) 
-Falling asleep in the grocery store 
Here are some more things we have been up to!
-hiding in cupboards and cabinets
-began nebulizer treatments for pneumonia!

-playing with water table in the dead of winter! kinda messy but super fun!

-helping sweep the kitchen after starting to feel better

 building forts out boxes!

-mom leaves for a second and came back to the kitchen to find this!

Guess someone wanted a snack!

thinks he is pretty funny!

we loving washing our hands...

and blowing kisses

we also love drinking spinach, blueberry banana smoothies  on our 3 day weekends!

and lastly we go and play at open gym! 

And we graduated from the infant room to the toddler room!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Part II

After Tim and I recovered from the flu we got ready the next day for fun company! Grandpa and Grandma Ireland, along with Tim's older brother Greg, sister in law Christine, and their three kids - Esther, Jadon and Rahab (from Washington), along with Tim's younger brother, Brad and his son Owen (from Montana -- we missed Megan his wife as she had to work) all came to visit and celebrate Christmas in Hutch!  Good thing we finished our basement this year because this is the most people we have had in our house staying over! It worked out pretty well I think! Don and Ferol took our spare bedroom, Esther, Jadon and Rahab camped out in the basement family room area, Greg and Chris took our office with our pullout couch bed, and Brad stayed in our craft room on a blow up mattress with the pack n play for little Owen! We did lots of fun activities during our time with family. We opened up presents, went sledding and skating in our backyard on our pond, decorated gingerbread houses, celebrated Rahab's 2nd birthday at the bowling alley and played lots of games! All in all it was great weekend hanging out with family! Again, lots and lots of photos to share!!
I bought everyone cute little animal hats for Christmas!
Bonding with cousin Rahab, not sure what the money was about..

Helping daddy open presents



Tim's favorite present, an Alaska Airlines leather jacket- part of his uniform at his new job coming up in February! Lucas also got a little pilot jacket from Grandma and Grandpa to match his Daddy!

cousins taking a bath together! so cute!

Present from Santa Claus! Loves this as well! Lucas can stir, and cook while his parents cook!

Thinking what in the world are we doing?!

ahhh, sledding, this is awesome!

So much joy in this little guy!

Whenever Lucas saw Owen he went right in for the hug! Seriously would not stop hugging him!

Grandpa and Grandma and the two littlest Grandkids at the bowling alley

Rahab bowling at Hutch bowl for her 2nd Birthday party!

Lucas also loves Esther his oldest cousin! She takes such good care of him!

Single dad Brad for the weekend, doing such a good job!

Family photo!

taking gingerbread houses to another level...