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Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend trip to AZ and MOA

We took a trip down to Phoenix for the weekend to celebrate the life of Tim's Grandma, Elaine Ireland who passed away unexpectedly the beginning of May. She was one amazing woman who had the kindest heart out of anyone I know. It was difficult to hear of her passing but she lived a great life.

 I lived with Grandma Elaine and Tim's aunt for 3 months back in 2009 when I had a clinical rotation in Phoenix. She always had a kind word to say and helped me through a few stressful situations during my course work! Tim will never forget all of the scrabble and sorry games he played with her, and after she would win or bump someone off the board, she would always apologize so sweetly! We are so glad Lucas had a chance to meet such a wonderful Great Grandma!

Lucas did surprisingly well during the plane ride. He really enjoyed watching all the planes and would wave goodbye to all the planes flying away. He didn't sleep the whole way to AZ, but stayed busy with all the activities I brought for him to do. Tim was able to sit with us too! Once we were got there, we were able to spend some quality time with Tim's family and extended family. It was great to catch up with everyone and get all the cousins together!

On our way back- I traveled alone with Lucas, and he slept for a good 3/4 of the flight home. Everything was going so smoothly and I was thinking its not so bad to travel alone with such a busy toddler! BUT of course it couldn't be that easy, I get off the plane and grab our relatively new stroller, set Lucas in it and notice the stroller was completely warped, ugh! As I start to push Lucas the wheel completely falls off (the metal was severed) with no reattaching! So i had to carry a suitcase, backpack, super heavy broken stroller that won't wheel, and a cranky toddler that won't listen through the entire MSP airport, into the light rail, on the tram, into elevators and finally made in the parking garage. I think my arms were about to fall off! NOT fun DELTA! :)

Here are some photos from our quick trip!

Thank goodness for screens on the back of seats!

Lucas out walking wondering what the heck a cactus is (his second trip to Phoenix in 16 months!)

Favorite new pose-- followed by Where'd go? 

Loving his cousin Esther!!

in the fancy rental van that fit the whole family!

tough to get all the cute cousins to pose all at the same time!! but pretty cute all the same!

cute little nephew--little Owen!

Lucas has this awesome love for dogs! He will hug any dog he comes in contact with, which might be a bit scary, but still so cute!

Playing by the pool with Daddy

family photo op

Back to Hutch-- time to put on the jacket and mow the lawn

Spent a rainy day in MSP at the Mall of America! Lucas now says Fish!

Favorite pose, now asking where'd go to the Monkeys that pop up and hang down from the trees at the Rainforest Cafe…such a fun restaurant for kiddos!

First ride on a ferris wheel! Wasn't even scared!

We took the big jump and switched to forward facing, recommended at 2 years, but we figured he was ready-- weighing in at 28#! Time to see the world little man! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Pat's Day 2014

St. Patricks Day 2014!  What did we do?  Grandma and Grandpa Schultz traveled to Hutchinson and we were able to spend a fun weekend enjoying their company! and also celebrate my 29th birthday (and Lucas turning 18 months)! Grandpa and Grandma took us out to eat at Tokyo Grill and we enjoyed awesome sushi and plum wine! Lucas loved the ice cream birthday cake and I got it all on camera :)

Loves trying to be a big boy and washing his own face now!
Open Gym time!

packing up all our 18 month clothes! Cool little dude!

two top eye teeth are coming in, so far the worst teeth he has gotten!  lots of waking up in the night crying in the pain, but still managing an adorable smile!

New activity that Lucas LOVES. Sensory tub full of beans and dinosaurs right now! He loves pouring the beans in and out, scooping them into cups and hiding dinosaurs in them! It'll keep him busy for a good 30 min, then the beans start making their way out of the tub! 

Trying to enjoy as much time outside as we can!!  First wagon ride of  2014!

Grandpa and Grandma!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I had Valentines day off this year since I had to work a few hours on the weekend, so Lucas and Mommy hung out and played all day on Valentines day! We had lots fun valentines day themed food, sweet potatoes, heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped salmon burgers, and strawberries! So much fun! Then, Tim was able to make it home late Friday night which was nice since we hadn't seen him in 2 weeks due to training! Tim arranged for our friends Tate and Jocelyn to babysit Lucas on Saturday night (and they brought over their two awesome yellow labs who Lucas just loves) and we were able to go to a movie and have a nice dinner (sushi!). We really haven't been to a movie since Lucas was born!  Lucas had a blast and they said he was the sweetest little boy when we were gone. 
Here are a few photos of my little valentine! 

 Lucas was spoiled this year and got presents in the mail from all his Grandparents! Here is checking out some of his gifts!

 He is getting really really good at unwrapping presents!
 We made some heart shaped cookies! Lucas was such a good helper, this is a super fun phase. He can be so willing to help out is Mom! He laid out all the cookies on the cookie sheet for me!

 Presents from Mommy and Daddy! A few movies, books and a cute singing elephant!
Showin the elephant some love!

Lucas's Valentines he brought to daycare! He had 14 friends to bring to! 

My sweet valentine!

Painting with all his new friends in the toddler room!

Brought me home a valentine from daycare!!

Heart shaped banana pancakes for V-day breakfast!

Lucas getting babysat by shelby! He actually fell asleep on her a few times when we  were gone!