Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nolan - 6 weeks!

6 weeks old! Looks a little scared of the camera!
Of course right before we tried to take his photos for his length, he spit up all over!

Oldest cousin with the youngest!

Grandpa Don and the boys!

Getting some chubby cheeks!

Hanging out with Grandma Ferol!

My sweet angel!

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Trying to catch that smile on camera!

Tummy Time!

Nolan is 6 weeks old! The last two weeks of his life have very busy and filled with lots of family visiting us in Hutchinson! Nolan was able to meet his Uncle Greg, Aunt Chris, and his cousins Esther, Jadon, and Rahab! Then a day after they left he got to meet his Grandpa Don I and Grandma Ferol! What a lucky boy to have all of our company coming to meet him! Nolan had his first outdoor adventure walking down to our ice rink to watch his cousins skate and we even were able to go out on his first stroller ride around our neighborhood since it was close to 40 degrees! He almost made it the whole way without crying!

Nolan is starting to show his personality more and more! He has been smiling a few times everyday and has had the biggest smile looking at his big brother!! He is showing off his cute dimples! Now if only i had gotten a good picture! He took his first bottle of pumped milk like a champ for daddy so i could sleep a bit more! and took another bottle for Grandma Ferol so Tim and I could go to a movie alone it was fantastic. He has continued to do awesome with his tummy time- he has awesome head control for only 6 weeks! He loves being held all day and really loves his baby carrier wrap! He is also now loving his bath time- we took out our bath sling and just recline him in his tub to allow his little legs to kick! He loves it and becomes super relaxed after bath! For sleeping he still isnt the greatest. Typically will fall asleep around 8 or so then sleep til 11 or 12 which is his longest stretch- then after that he is up every 2 hours or so to nurse. We still have him sleeping in his rock n play in our room due to his reflux issues and if we are really desperate he will sleep on our chests in the recliner. I do feel like the reflux issues are slightly improving though - seems like he has been spitting up less! Some nights he will lay down and not have any gurgling! I also had him try his first nap in his crib- he lasted 25 min before he started crying! I am hoping by our next post he will be sleeping in his crib in his own room!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nolan- 4 weeks/1 Month old!

Wow! Cant believe its already been a month since Nolan arrived! We celebrated his 4 week birthday at the Mall of America! :) He cried in his car seat for 10 min leaving Hutch and about 10 min leaving in MSP. Otherwise he was excellent! Slept in his carseat stroller the majority of our trip!

He is still in the schedule for eat for 30-45min, awake time for an hour or so and than naps in either a solly baby wrap, swing, bouncy seat or on our chests (cant pass up the newborn cuddle stage) and repeat! He is a very content baby during the day and barely crys, but now at night he has started to be more fussy. His sleep has taken a turn for the worst in the past week. He now hates being on his back! He will fall asleep perfectly fine after nursing and be very content but within a minute or two of lying him down on his back he is awake and fussy! We think its a combination of reflux and gas! So we have switched once more to elevated sleeping with the rock and olay sleeper. With this he will at least sleep for 2-3 hour stretches at a time. But still if he usnt burped multiple times he gets either gurgly or after awhile super gassy with gas pains. He mainly just fusses and squirms in pain and really doesnt full on cry. If we are very persistent with burping he has much better nights! We will probably try some gripe water or gas drops if it gets worse! We are also struggling with Lucass sleeping now! We think this is his regression - with Nolan being up with me he feels he needs to be up to! Ugh talk about lack of sleep around here.  Although we are thankful he hasn't regressed in potty training!

Nolan seems to be growing so fast and although he has his gas/reflux issues, he is a very content handsome  little guy! He has officially grown out of newborn clothes and diapers! He still loves tummy time and will sometimes spend 4-5 min on his belly trying to lift his head! He also started smiling a bit. Usually right before he eats or after he eats! He has began enjoying play time on his activity mat and he has started to bat at toys and has even been able to grasp toy rings and a rattle already! Its so much fun to see him grow and even at only a month old you can seem him learning new things every day! He is still not a fan of diaper changes, clothes changes, and bath time! But i think thats pretty common! We couldn't love our new addition any more! So blessed to have two healthy boys!

4 weeks on 1/20/16

1 Month on 1/23/16! Had to get a crying shot too!

loving his Solly baby wrap!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nolan- 2 Weeks!

Nolan is now 2 weeks old and is growing so much already! He had his 2 week pediatrician well baby check and is doing awesome! When we discharged from the hospital he was 7#10oz, and at his 2 week check he is now 8#10 oz! Completely surprised his birth weight goal at 2 weeks by 4oz! Which makes me super excited that I don't have to wake him up every 3 hours to eat at night any longer (even though this hasn't mattered because he is up every 2-3 hours anyhow!) ! He also grew an inch and is now 21.25in! I am also shocked how much he loves tummy time! He has been able to hold his head up for 15 seconds already on his tummy! We had newborn photos  taken when Nolan was 11 days old and we went out for dinner at Squeakys (which was actually the first place we took Lucas when he was a newborn)  it was 0 degrees and Nolan was a little over 2 weeks! He was awake the whole time and staring at all the lights and action! We decided our first out to dinner outing was a success!! He contines to be an easy baby overall and his older brother is completely in love with him!

First out for dinner outing!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

40 Weeks! Happy 1 Week Birthday Nolan Donald!

Nolan Donald Ireland arrived on Wednesday, 12/23/15! weighing 8lbs 6 oz and 20.25in long. Head circumference 14in. His hair and complexion are  much more fair than Lucas. He is absolutely perfect and such a content newborn thus far. Hopefully it stays that way! He pretty much just eats, sleeps and poops! He really only crys when he is being changed either with clothes or with diaper. Even when he is hungry he doesn't cry much just motions with his hands that he is ready to eat! He is also pretty good at nursing, latched on right away in the hospital without much of a problem!

He surprised Mom and Dad by arriving exactly 1 week early as his due date was 12/30/15.

Birth story: At around midnight on 12/23/15 I woke up with some cramping, that wasn't too painful,  which has been normal for me before in the last week or so, but this time I had a little more back pain with it. This continued for about 2 hours at about 5-10min apart, then finally the cramping subsided. I went back to sleep and woke up and felt the same cramping again, at this point I wasn't sure if I was going to go in for my last scheduled day of work. I finally decided I should probably call in sick and called our OB who said I should come in in the morning just to be evaluated just in case. Good thing Tim's brother's family was visiting from WA-- Lucas was able to stay at home with his cousins while we went in! We almost didn't even take our bags with because I figured they'd check me and send me home again to await my scheduled C-section date of 12/28 since my contractions weren't really consistent. When we arrived they hooked me up to the monitor-- baby was looking good, nice strong heart rate and my contractions still weren't super consistent but you could see when they did come they were relatively strong (they still felt like Braxton Hicks to me). The nurse decided to check my cervix and found I was in active labor ha! already dilated to 4-5cm and cervix was paper thin. The nurse and my OB were a little shocked that I had progressed that far at home without much pain. This is exactly what happened with Lucas except he was 3 days over his due date! At this point I almost decided to try for a VBAC due to my progression already and I went back and forth, but figured the same situation could happen with this one, dilate to 10cm just fine and then push forever with baby not being able descend. And I heard recovery was much easier if you didn't push and labor prior to having a c-section so I took that route! Let me tell you, this was 100x better and with our hospitals new c-section protocol it went so well! After my OB came in, she said lets do the c-section within the next half hour since I was already in active labor. They prepped me and got me all ready and then I rode in a wheelchair down the OR-- I can barely remember any of that with Lucas. It was actually a pretty relaxing experience, they had me choose the OR music and got to work, pretty soon after, they pulled down the curtain and I was able to watch them pull Nolan out! He came out crying with his arms up in the air! They checked his Apgar score quickly, which was an 8 and then later a 9. And then placed him right next to my cheek and I was able to hold him. He stopped crying immediately when I was holding him, it was amazing! After I was all sewn up I was taken back to my room with Nolan (with Lucas I had to recover in a separate room and I wasn't able to hold him right away) and the nurses  had Nolan and I have immediate skin-skin contact for 4-5 hours without washing him up. We stayed in hospital 12-23-12-26, almost decided to head out on 12-25 but decided one more good night of sleep would be amazing! We ended up having Applebees carried to go for Christmas eve dinner and at at the hospital cafeteria for Christmas day dinner!  We all thought that was pretty funny! Overall my recovery has gone so much quicker and I am so thankful to be feeling good so much sooner this round, especially with a crazy active 3 year old at home!

We had an interesting first week home with Nolan! Lucas developed croup on the second night Nolan was home and had a high fever, icky cough, and was quite lethargic, his fever was on and off 2 days! So for two days I had to stay in the basement with Nolan and be quarantined! Ha! This was tough on Lucas as all he wanted to do was hold his brother and have his Mommy to cuddle with him. Nolan and I had a lot of one on one bonding time!! Otherwise for Nolan he has been a pretty great baby for the first week, sleeping 2-3 hours at time, and nursing every 3 hours or so. We really don't have to bounce, rock, or walk him to calm him down too much yet. Seems like he could be a little easier than our first born! Who knows what will happen when the newborn phase is done though!

Here are a few photos of  our sweet Nolan's first week of life!

First meeting of Lucas and Nolan!

First day at home! Celebrating Christmas on 12/26!

Can't believe this little guy was in my belly 1 week ago!

Lucas can't get enough of his baby brother! Constantly wants to hold him, touch him, hug him and lay by him!

His umbilical cord fell off on Day 6! So we gave Nolan his first bath-- not a huge fan of bath time yet!